Innokem - Quality for professionals

Innokem Oy, founded 2015, is a modern Finnish high quality detergent manufacturer for the I&I sector. Our factory and headquarters is located at a natural beauty city of Kuopio, 380 kilometers north from Helsinki. Our brand is INNO but we also manufacture many private label products. We have R&D and negotiations facility at Tuusula, only a 30 minute drive from Helsinki airport.


Despite being a young company we have already established a reputation as a manufacturer of high performing and cost effective washing chemicals in Finland, thanks to our innovative and rethinking philosophy towards cleaning and the chemistry behind it. We serve agriculture, food industry, heavy industry, professional car washing and HoReCa sectors through our competent and motivated sales organization with a considerable amount of customer contacts daily. Therefore we always know the market demands and this information directly forwarded to our R&D enables us to develop targeted and innovative products.

Safety and environment

We are a forerunner in the use of renewable raw materials in I&I detergents. We are especially proud of our brand "INNO - Uusiutuvista", translated directly as "INNO - from the renewable resources", which is our own certificate of detergents that fulfills the criteria of being manufactured over 50% from renewable resources. We also serve food manufacturing industry and professional kitchen sectors
with food safe detergents. HACCP-mark on the label of our products signals the users to make a decision to use an applicable and safe detergent in the food area.